CSUGE/IGETC Certification Request

Before transferring your university might request that you submit a "CSUGE or IGETC" certification. If this is the case for you, please fill out the General Education Certification Request below and submit it to admissions@vvc.edu the semester you will be completing your certification (Example: If you will be completing your CSUGE/IGETC course requirements in the fall 2021, you can submit the request to Admissions and Records now). Upon completion of general education courses required for certifications, certifications will be posted to your VVC transcripts (only full CSUGE/IGETC certifications will be posted on VVC transcripts).

CSUGE Certification

IGETC Certification for CSU or UC

For partial CSUGE/IGETC certifications, please use the form below and submit to transfer@vvc.edu.