Authorization Codes

How to Use them on WebAdvisor

How to use your Authorization Code on WebAdvisor - [ download PDF instructions here ]

You will be able to add closed classes online using WebAdvisor! No more standing in long registration lines!

If you are allowed to add by the instructor, an authorization code will be provided to you and you will follow these steps to get enrolled:

  1. Log on to your WebAdvisor account
  2. Select the “Students” box on the right side
  3. Click “Register for Sections”
  4. Wait while the Schedule Builder loads in a new tab.
  5. Select the Term from the drop-down at top left.
  6. Input your search term in the text entry field to the right of the 'Section Name' drop-down menu.
  7. Click 'Search'
  8. Select the class from the search results that appear by clicking on the 'Section / Description' link.
  9. Enter the Authorization Code you received from your instructor in the short field that appears under the 'Your Additions' section.
  10. Click 'Submit' on the right side of the screen.
  11. A pop-up will appear. click 'Submit' in that pop-up to finish and add your class.
  12. Close the tab and click 'Students Menu' at the top of the screen
  13. Click 'My class schedule and Student ID' 
  14. Select the term for the class you just added and click “Submit”
  15. Verify that your schedule shows you are officially registered for the course
  16. Print a copy of your “Registration Statement”
  17. Pay fees using Web Advisor or in person at the Bursar’s office in Bldg 52

NOTE: Authorization codes are valid until the last day to add a class with instructor permission – refer to the Important Dates and Deadlines for dates. Deadline dates vary for short-term classes.

screenshot showing the steps necessary (listed above) to use your authorization code on WebAdvisor


Last Updated 10/29/19