Award Letter

Viewing your Financial Award Letter - ONLINE (a tutorial)

If the Financial Aid Department is missing a document that is preventing the processing of your file, an electronic message on WebAdvisor is the only notification that you will receive.


How Do You Access This Message?

  • Login to WebAdvisor (Using the button provided in the next section)
  • Click on the blue "Students" menu bar on the right ;
  • Under the "Financial Aid" menu area (lower left of the screen), click on          "Financial Aid Self-Service Portal" to see whether or not the Financial Aid office needs you to submit additional paperwork to complete the processing of your file.




Important Additional information about your online Award Letter:

If no missing document notice is shown on the WebAdvisor "Self ServicePortal" screen, and you submitted your financial aid forms to the Financial Aid Department LESS THAN 45 DAYS ago, your Federal Awards may not yet be posted, however your CCPG Fee Waiver may be visible. THIS IS NORMAL, DON'T WORRY.

Please continue checking the "My Documents" and "Financial Aid award letter" sections on WebAdvisor for your updated awards.


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